The legal aspects of AI - Introduction

In our new series we present the legal aspects of using AI in advertising, such as the current European Union law and the privacy protection aspects.

In recent years, artificial intelligence has been increasingly utilized in various aspects of life. It appears in healthcare, self-driving cars, aids in fraud and cybersecurity detection, and even in developing marketing communication materials. It poses one of the greatest challenges of our era, both economically and in terms of regulation. The use of artificial intelligence raises numerous legal issues, including data protection, copyright, and privacy considerations. Currently, AI systems are not regulated by any specific legislation, making it quite challenging to find answers to emerging legal questions. In order to ensure that AI-based systems can be employed within appropriate frameworks in the future, the European Union aims to establish unified regulations.

In our new series, Lawyer Dr. Gábor Keszey gatheres the most important legal aspects of using AI in the creative industry, in the first part he introduces the current ruling of the European Union, then he lists the privacy protection aspects of using AI, then he presents the precedent-like ruling of the Italian government.  On our weKNOW content platform we dicuss the ethical problems appearing aroud using AI, but we also show what you can expect in the digital and creative advertising in 2024 and how weCAN agencies have been using AI in their dialy work, both the media and creative side too. 

Published: April 26, 2024

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