Media consumption habits in 2022, Baltics

As usual, TV viewing is declining both in terms of the number of viewers and the amount of time watched by viewers in the Baltic states. The audience of TV becomes older. Compared to previous years, in 2022 this was the result not only of natural causes, but also of political decisions

Radio was the most stabile media in terms of audience, but the number of people who listen to it online has increased. 

Print consumption continued dropping even more due to the fast disappearance of young audiences. Print consumption retained its position for seniors only.
The consumption of online media increases and it happens thanks to the elder part of population. Already in 2021, due to COVID19 restrictions seniors were forced to start using different kinds of applications to be in connection with their relatives, to order food and other things from shops, to receive COVID certificates etc. They changed their simple phones to smartphones and with this upgrade the usage of classic online media such as news portals and social networks also increased.

In 2022, paid versions of news portals appeared in the Baltics with special content available only by subscription: the number of subscriptions is not so high yet, for example the quantity of DELFI.LV subscribers is about 18 000 persons, TVNET.LV – about 10 000 persons, but portals do some experiments with placing special content behind paywall, with invitations to buy subscription (sometimes it can be very annoying). 

In 2022, Twitter's audience grew across all age segments, mainly due to an increase in the female audience. Twitter in the Baltics becomes less masculine as it was before. Let's see how tweet limitations change the situation.

Published: September 25, 2023

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